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CSBG Scholarship Application





Eligibility Requirements:

1. Only Illinois colleges or universities are eligible. Students must attend full-time (12 credit hours minimum)

2. Total household gross income for the last three months must be less than: 1=$3903.00; 2=$5284.00; 3=$6666.00;

4=$8047.00; 5=$9428.00. Add $1390.00 for each additional person. Income will be verified prior to scholarship being awarded.

3. Students must, at time of application, live in the county where they are applying for the scholarship. Students residing

in one county and attending school in another county should file their application at the WADI office that covers where

they live.

Scholarship Information:

The scholarship will be used to pay tuition, fees, and books first. If those costs do not take the full amount of the scholarship, or where these costs are paid for by other sources such as a Pell grant or other financial aid, the remaining funds will be released by the college to the student for transportation and living expenses. One half of the scholarship amount will be sent to the college for the fall semester with the remaining sent for the spring semester. The student must turn in their fall grades showing evidence of good standing and submit their spring class schedule before WADI will release the funds to the college for the second semester.

Applications should include:

1. Typed letter stating why you want the scholarship and what it would mean to you. Be persuasive.

2. A copy of your high school transcript (GED certificate accepted if unable to get transcript) or college transcript.

3. WADI Scholarship Application

4. At least one letter of support from school personnel, church officials, mentors, or employers. More is better.

5. Verified 90 day household income for the entire household.

Time frame for submission:

Must be received in the WADI office that covers your county of residence by 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

Location of WADI offices:

Edwards County WADI 334 Industrial Drive, Albion IL 62806, Ph: 445-2379

Gallatin County WADI 14 Veterans Drive, Harrisburg IL 62946 Ph: 252-2680

Hamilton County WADI 108 E. Jefferson, McLeansboro IL 62859 Ph: 643-2161

Saline County WADI 14 Veterans Drive, Harrisburg IL 62946 Ph: 252-2680

Wabash County WADI 119 W 12th Street, Mt Carmel IL 62863 Ph: 262-4151

Wayne County WADI 2004 Delaware, Fairfield IL 62837 Ph: 842-2962

White County WADI 110 Latham St., Enfield IL 62835 Ph: 384-5541

Name: ____________________________________________ Birthdate: ___________________ Age: ____________

Address: _____________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ____ Zip: __________

Phone Number(s): _________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________

How many in family? _______ Social Security Number: _______________________ Are you in high school now? ___

Have you applied to a college or university? _____ Where? _________________________________________________

Are you presently employed? ____If yes, how many hours/week? ____ Where?__________________________________

What do you plan to study while attending college? ________________________________________________________

I understand by my signature below that I am authorizing my college and it’s reps to release proof of my enrollment & academic standing to WADI and it’s reps for the 2019-2020 school year. I also understand scholarship award notices will be released to media sources, the WADI website and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Student’s Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date __________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature (if student is under 18) ____________________________________ Date __________

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WADI CSBG Scholarship Application (Form 1) download/view
WADI CSBG Scholarship Intake (Form 2) download/view


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